Organic Swiss Apple Syrup

nectaflor apple syrup is gently made from sun ripened, organically grown Swiss apples. nectaflor apple syrup known for its all natural exciting semi-sweet fruity apple flavour and its variety of uses.
Our inspiring and healthy organic apple syrup brings a semi-sweet, refreshing and rich apple flavour to beverages, mueslis, on bread, pan cakes, over porridge, cereals, ice cream, in yoghurts and in home baking goods.

Organic Coconut Flower Syrup

Our authentic, all natural organic coconut flower syrup is loaded with great taste and full of active health. Known as a natural, very tasty fructose sugar replacement that brings a balanced sweet flavour, a taste of the tropics to mueslis, pan cakes, in yoghurts, over porridge, muffins, cereals and in home baking goods.

Organic Agave Syrup

Agave Syrup is the carefully concentrated juice of the Agave plant. Nectaflor’s Agave syrup has a light gold colour, is very neutral in aroma and is mild in taste.
nectaflor Organic Agave syrup consists of natural fruit sugars, is low in calories and has a low glycemic index while still having a high sweetening power. This makes it the ideal low in calories, all natural sugar replacement.
Fast dissolvable, in teas, smoothies, juices, mueslis, yoghurts. Agave syrup also adds moisture to baked goods, which makes it excellent for home baking.

Organic Swiss Pear Syrup

Our authentic, all natural, organic nectaflor Pear syrup also called pear honey. It is a fruity treat loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. It is so delicious on pan cakes, in your morning mueslis, yoghurt, over cereals, on toasts, ice cream and other lovely desserts. It is a luscious guilt free fruit topping and spread.
Did you know that 500 grams nectaflor Pear syrup is made from five kilos of freshly harvested, organically grown pears? One generous squeeze of pear syrup is the equivalent of one bread unit, just right for diabetic consumers.