Honey symphony


It is the nectar of the various flowers gathered and transformed by the bees into honey, which gives the characteristic colour, taste and aroma of each nectaflor honey – an authentic symphony of aromas, pleasure and health.


nectaflor syrups are a great tasting, awesome 100 % all natural, organic certified, authentic fruit and plant concentrates. They are delicately crafted out of Agave, Pear, Apple and Coconut Flower juices. Full of exciting aromas, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and healthy, easy digestible fruit sugars.

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Soft fruits

nectaflor 100 % all natural power fruits, a tasty, fruity source of great taste, fibres, well being and vitality. Great tasting and juicy, part of an evereyday balanced diet. nectaflor soft fruits are gently rehydrated dry fruits that tastes like fresh fruits.