Royal Jelly, Propolis & Bee Pollen

Royal jelly

A fountain of vitality and energy.

Royal jelly is full of strength and vitality. Royal jelly is fed exclusively to the queen bee, who lives 50 times longer than an ordinary bee thanks to this extra power. The extraordinary properties of royal jelly are what make it possible for her to lay 2,000 fertile eggs a day.

Propolis in honey

Out of the sap of trees, which consist of etheric oils and minerals , bees are producing the valuable propolis. Three spoons a day help to cure respiratory tract and stomach infections.

Bee pollen

While gathering the flowers’ nectar, bees simultaneously collect bee pollens that are rich in minerals and vitamins.
For a natural source of great health and vitality, stir bee pollen into yoghurt, add it to mueslis, cereals, milk, mix it into smoothies or sprinkle bee pollen over salads.