Orangeblossom honey

Orange honey is harvested from the nectar of the white flowers of the evergreen orange bush. It has a gentle floral scent and a fresh orange taste. Blended with our acacia honey, our orange acacia honey is a real delicacy.

Blossom Honey

Amber coloured, well balanced and with a wonderful flavour.

Blossom honey is a wonderful addition to any breakfast, in cooking and baking as a natural sweetener and is also recommended for soothing face masks. A smart way to kick-start your day. Great on corn flakes, bread, oats, in porridge, yoghurt, on pancakes, in chai, stirred in hot water, for honey mustard and marinades.

Acacia honey

Gold coloured, smooth and finely scented.

Acacia honey is a delicious, sweet runny honey. It crystallizes very slowly. The mild acacia honey pairs perfectly with tea and is an ideal alternative sweetener for baking or cooking.
The white flowers of acacia trees are an important and big nectar and pollen source for the bees.

Mountain honey

Amber coloured, revitalising and refreshing.

Honey known as high mountain honey is honey produced by bees from the high mountain flowers, at altitudes of over 1,000m, from landscapes where wildflowers grow. Traditionally, flowers at higher altitudes produce less nectar and pollen.

Forest honey

Dark coloured with a full-bodied aroma, loaded with etheric oils.

The forest honey is also called honeydew honey. While blossom honey predominantly consists of flower nectar, the bees collect honeydew for forest honey. The name forest honey derives from the fact that honeydew is mainly to be found in these forest trees: spruces, oaks and firs.

Black forest honey

Full-bodied taste, a savoury delicacy.

nectaflor’s black forest honey is rich in potassium and natural antioxidants. For optimum vitality and strength, enjoy black forest honey every morning directly from the spoon.

Chestnut Honey

Dark amber, slightly spicy, rich in natural scents.

Chestnut honey is a slightly spicy treat. Full of minerals and with exceptional antibacterial properties. Chestnut Honey is a great source of energy, pleasure and health.
Outstanding while dripped over olive,- nuts,- and tomato breads or sprinkled over feta cheese, it is also a perfect dip for roast lamb, kebab and kofta.

Nuts in Honey

A unique delicacy.

Almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and cashews macerated in delicious nectaflor Acacia honey are a unique delicacy. Pair them with ice cream, with your favourite aged cheese or just by the spoonful.

Andy Bee Kids Honey

Balanced aroma and sweetness, for kids only.

Kids like it when honey is not too sweet or too aromatic. AndyBee has it all. It is the ideal healthy morning booster with a finely balanced aroma and sweetness. AndyBee provides energy for your child’s daily adventures.
nectaflor honey should not be fed to toddlers under the age of 12 month.